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Sustainable business lifestyle
Our office is powered by alternative wind energy through a Portland General Electric program. Our marketing materials are printed on recycled paper. Our website is hosted by Fat Cow which powers its servers with wind energy. We recycle everything possible.

Our founder
Renee LaChance is a native Portlander who loves the Rose City. She believes urban infill protects greenspaces. She thinks building small is more sustainable. Her favorite thing to do for the environment is replace inefficient furnaces, appliances and windows with energy efficient models. Installing compact fluorescent lighting is a good start. Retrofitting insulation is better to neutralize a structures carbon footprint. Installing bamboo floors in an energy wasting home is not green building. She loves bargain shopping and beating her own cost estimates to save clients money. She enjoys helping her clients realize their dreams for their property without breaking the bank or contributing to global warming. She looks forward to installing a roof with solar powered shingles when they become available in 2011.

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