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Preconstruction Consulting
We design new construction and remodels. Residential and commercial. We consult on colors and materials. We get building permits and navigate land use issues with the city.
We facilitate budgeting, energy audits, energy rebates, and contractor selection.

Green Building Specialist
We make your home more energy efficient. We guide you through the daunting array of green building materials and products.
We design sustainable spaces that make your house a home.

Aging-in-Place Design
We adapt homes to meet the unique needs of people with changing mobility issues. This allows you, or your loved one, to remain in a sustainable home environment as long as possible.

Project Management
Once your project is designed, permitted and the materials chosen,
we manage it for you to alleviate the stresses of day-to-day construction.
We work with contractors and suppliers to keep the project on schedule
and to prevent delays and work stoppages. We implement your wishes and insure that the work performed meets industry standards.

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Photo courtesy of Kinley Manor Coach House, www.kinleymanor.com. One of our first projects that included a historic land use review with the City of Portland, green building practices and materials, ADA design and project management.